Death Proof

Death Proof, 2007, Quentin Tarantino

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Death Proof: Background

- Released in 2007

- Directed by Quentin Tarantino

- Tarantino's 6th film

- Released as a double feature called Grindhouse with Planet Terror By Robert Rodriguez

- Write in exam like this:

  • Death Proof, 2007, Tarantino
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Death Proof: Rejects Boundaries/ Breaks Rules

- Genre: Blending of styles e.g. Car Chase, Slasher, Girl Gang

- Narrative: Film Ends in the middle and Not one narrative

-Sound: Non-diegetic sounds e.g. projector and Jumpy speech to link with Grindhouse. Sound from other films e.g. The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

-Mise-en-scene: Ambiguous time period e.g. 50's & 60's music and 90's & 00's mobiles

- Editing: Jump cuts and non-continuous editing as well as aged film effects. Black and white section then sudden switch to colour.

- Camerawork: Trunk shot (Tarantino's signature shot e.g. Reservoir Dogs) used. No cheat shots in stunts.

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Death Proof: Self-referentiality

- To make reference to itself, its creator or their other work

- Editing: Aged film effects and black & white section which suddenly changes to colour with a projector sound

- Sound: Tarantino's own jukebox "AMI"

- Camera work: Trunk shot and Stuntman Mike looks at the camera and smiles

- Narrative: Tarantino plays Warren The Bartender in the film. 2nd Girl Gang talk about foot massages, Big Kahuna Burger is mentioned and the "beverage" quote all from Pulp Fiction

- Bare feet shown and foot massages spoken about similarly in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill

- Actresses playing actresses and stuntwomen playing stuntwomen e.g. Zoe Bell

- Stuntman Mike and Pam talk about CGI in films

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Death Proof: Intertextuality

- Mise-en-scne:

  • Vanishing Point and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry cars used in the film
  • T-shirt has Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! logo on it
  • Soldier Blue poster in Jungle Juliana's room
  • Rosario Dawsons ringtone is from the soundtrack of Kill Bill (Twisted Nerve - Bernard Hermann)

- Narrative: Stuntman Mike references his other work:

  • The Virginian
  • Vega$

- Rose Mcgowan plays Pam and is also in the other Grindhouse film Planet Terror 

- The Rock, Lindsay Lohan, Daryl Hannah (from Kill Bill), Nick Cage, Gone in 60 Seconds and Pretty In Pink all mentioned by the 2nd girl gang

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Death Proof: Parody, Pastiche and Homage

- Huge homage to the Grindhouse, B-movie's and Exploitation movies of the 1970's (Vanishing Point, Friday The 13th, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)

- Pastiche:

  • The camera work of the photos is taken directly from The Bird With The Crystal Plumage.
  • Aged film effects make it a pastiche to the low budget movies
  • Non-Diegetic sounds copy and pay homage to the Grindhouse movies that would get damaged in transport

- Parody: Used to make fun of Kurt Russells other work such as Big Trouble In Little China and the John Wayne impression

- Many films have paid Homage to older media texts in a similar way such as Sream (Slasher films) & Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Retro video games)

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Death Proof: Fragmentation

- Jump Cuts used

- All of the first gang are killed at once which subverts audiences expectations

- Kurt Russells Character is blurred from murderous, scary psychopath to crying, weak man

- It feels like its two films in one

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Death Proof: Duality and Ambiguity

- Tarantino plays Warren The Bartender and also writes, produces and directs the film too

- Zoe Bell plays herself

- Mary Elizabeth Winstead sings at one point and has released albums before

- What genre is it?

  • Revenge
  • Girl Gang
  • Car Chase
  • Slasher
  • Giallo
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Death Proof: Movie References

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, 1970, Argento

Reservoir Dogs, 1992, Tarantino

Pulp Fiction, 1994, Tarantino

Vanishing Point, 1971, Sarafian

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, 1974, Hough

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, 1965, Meyer

Vega$, 1978-1981, Mann (creator)

Big Trouble In Little China, 1986, Carpenter

Scream, 1996, Craven

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010, Wright

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