Death Act 3 scene 1

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point 1

 Meruvtion tine to annoy Tibalt  so would leave

“annoyed Meruction began to taunt him.

It is clear that conflict stared as different house=dislike each other.


Link to relationships

Merctuion is show as friend to Tybalt

And Mercution stand up to Tybalt for Romeo

Context unpresuming

All what to be best and to be rested. 

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Point 2

Meuction is decremented to fight Tybalt as Romeo dose not

“Merctuoon angrily draw sword and declares with biting it that if Romeo win not fight Tybalt  he win”

It clear that conflict started as Mucrtion

Provoked and taunted Tybalt he want to annoy and fight.


Stutcter  plot

Killed Tybalt shape’s  the play by Romeo killing Tybalt then vanished form seen Juliet  

unpresuming because family wanted  to have best family name 

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point 3

Tybalt state Meruction and kill him then run off.

Tybalt statues Merucdtion under Romeo arm as so Mercutin followed Tybalt and his men hurry away.

It is clear that Tybalt tried  kill Romeo

Killed muectio instead Tybalt not like peace

Meant Romeo but Meruction instead



Tybalt is show as violent person after killed Meruction.


Tybalt trying to stop Romeo making peace rather reputation.   

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point 4

Romeo whated to kill Tybalt after he killed Merction.

“they fight and Romeo kill’s Tybalt.

It is clear that Romeo kill Tybalt was killed by Romeo wanted ravage death of Mecurtion death.


Idea family loyal s

Meructio is related to prince boss

Toward the Montague family as he friend with Romeo


surprising family only fight reputation and not ravage., 

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