dealing with complaints

This revision card is about how to deal with a customer if they have any comlaints

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Dealing with complaints

Using LAST helps to remember the steps needed when dealing with complaints and problems it means :

Listen - concentarate on what is being said. show that you are listening properly with your body language.ask relevant questions. Ask the customer to repeat what they have said and write it down.

Apologise- always remain calm,polite and proffesional . Use the right body language , laguage and tone . Dont make excuses or blame other people .Stay in control .

solve- solve the problem and or pass it on to someone else who can. Deal with it immediatly or within a sensible time limit. Tell the customer what you are going to do and when. Follow up the problem if you have passed it on.

Thank - thank the customer for bringing the complaint to your attention .Use the right tone of voice when doing this .

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