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A DBMS helps by:


  • Create
  • Retrieve
  • Update
  • Delete

Also, it has:

  • Integrity - Even if the data changes the applications using the data do not need to be changed
  • Backups - easily backs up the data which means that the database is unlikely to be lost
  • Consistency - the data is the same regardless of who is viewing it
  • Security - Can control who can access which data
  • By using unique identifiers data redundancy can be avoided, which reduces the file size
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Benefits of using DBMS:

  • Allows different views of the database 
  • The external view of the DB is done by people who input or view the data
  • A conceptual view is useful for the DB designer
  • An internal view is used for the detailed programming of the DB
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Forms & Reports


Used to input data into a table 


Used to export data and present it in an easy to read format

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