Database terminology

database terminology

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A database is the term to describe the storage of data

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Flat file database

This is the most basic/ simplistic way of storing data,a flat file database is a single table with data in it.

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Relational database

A relational database is a large collection of data items with links between them. It is structured in a way that allows it to be accessed by a number of different application programs.

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Distributed database

A distrubuted database is a singular database that is under the control of a DBMS where the storage devices are not all attached to a common processor. Instead the data is stored in storage devices attached to multiple computers located across a network.

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Database management systen (DBMS)

Software that accesses data within a database

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A staged (mathimatical) process, which removes repeated groups of data and inconsistencies.

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Data independence

This means that data and programs are stored seperately from each other.

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Data integrity

The data that is stored in the database is reasonable as it has not been accidently or maliciously altered. (in other words, the extent to which the data is truthful in representing the original information presented)

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Data redundancy

This means that the data is duplicated unnecessarily

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An entity

This is an object, person or thing that is represented in a database, e.g. customer, order, product

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An attribute

This is information that is held about an entity, this is known as an attribute.

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Entity relationship diagrams

This type of diagram is used to show how entities are related to each other

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Data consistency

When data is held in more than one file, when it should be stored in a consistent way

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Data mining

This is the process in which you interrogate large amounts of data, looking for potential patterns.

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Data warehousing

Data warehousing refers to large amounts of data that are stored together, usually in a single location for further processing

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