Database Systems

DBS lecture 1

ANSI/SPARC Architecture

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Database Management System

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Collection of informtation

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Relational Systems

Information is stored as tuples or records in relations or tables

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ANSI/SPARC Architecture

Three level architecture:

  • Internal Level
  • Conceptual Level
  • External Level
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Internal Level (ANSI/SPARC Architecture)

  • Deals with the physical storage of data
  • Used by database programmers
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Conceptual Level (ANSI/SPARC Architecture)

  • Deals with the organisation of the data as a whole
  • Used by DBAs and application programmers
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External Level (ANSI/SPARC Architecture)

  • Provides a view of the database tailored to a user
  • Used by end users and application programmers
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Mappings (ANSI/SPARC Architecture)

  • Translate information from one level to the next
  • Provide data independance
    • Physical data independence
    • Logical data independence
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