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Normal distrubtion: mean=median=mode

negative skew: mean<median

positive skew: mean>median

  • Cumulative frequency graph: plot the points at the upper bound of each group 
                                              mean: 1/2(n) LQ: 1/4(n) UQ: 3/4(n)
  • stem and leaf: remeber a key 
  • pie charts: data is in proportion to area of the circle r¹=r²
  • bar charts: used for catagorical data 
  • vertical line charts: gaps between lines, used for numerical discrete data
  • histograms: bars touvhing, used for numerical contiuous data, frequency=area 
  • box plots

outlier: x<LQ- (1.5 x IQR) or x>UQ+(1.5 x IQR)

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