Data, Information, Knowledge and Processing

Brief lot of information to do with data, information, knowledge and processing

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Data: Data is the raw facts and figures before they have been processed.

Example: TR12BL and DA&GH7&T

You do not know what this means it is just random seires of letters and numbers. 

Key facts: Data can be alphanumberic, sound or graphics.                                                         Raw facts before its been processed.                                                                      Data has no meaning.


I you have to give a definition make sure its random letters and numbers that don't have any meaning.

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Information is when you take the data and process it.

Processing is when action is performed on the data. This can be sorting, searching or editing.                                                                                                                      It gives the data meaning.

Information = Data + [Structure] + [Context] + Meaning

The data does not always need structure and context to become meaning.

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Data: The raw facts and firgures.

Structure: How the data is presented. (e.g. how should it be organised,in what way, should it be encoded)

Context: An enviroment where our prior knowledge and understanding can make sense of the data.

Meaning: Data in the correct structure and placed within the context.

Knowledge: Applicaton of information to a system.

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