1. Data, information and Knowldge

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Data – raw facts and figures.  This is just letters and numbers that have no meaning.

Information – processed data/ data in context providing meaning and structure.  The data has been converted into a format that provides meaning. (Data + Interpretation = Information)

Knowledge – processed information that can be used to make informed decision.  The way that we understand and use the information that we have.

Data - 1, 4

Information - The score in the football game was 1-4

Knowledge - The home team lost

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Encoding data

Data is usually coded when collecting data e.g. Greta Britain becomes GB.  Data is encoded because:

Ø  Coded data takes less effort to enter

Ø  More data can appear on the same screen

Ø  Easier to check that the code is correct

Advantages:                                                                                                                               Disadvantages

Takes up less momory                                                                          people may be confused over code

Faster to enter data                                                                                                                   Less accurate

Fewer errors                                                                                                      Possible to run out of codes

                                                                                                                              Rely on personal judgement


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