Data and Information

Data and Information


What is data?

„Data is raw material

Data are details that are meaningless because they lack relevance and have no context

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what form date takes

  • numbers 
  • words 
  • images
  •  sound
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why code date

less effor to type 

mare date can be scren at one time 

takes up less stogare space 

eassier to check when vailding the date 

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example of code date


M or F 


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what is encoding

„The process of putting information/data into a specified format that allows effective transmission or storage by an ICT system.

„Data is converted into binary for processing so the computer can understand it „

E.g. ASCII encoding – where characters on the keyboard are changed into binary.  A = 01000001.

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why encode date

to compress date makeing it smaller 

to enablee file proudce in one softwear package to be read by someone who dose not have that pice of sofwear 

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type of encode date

for images 

  • GIF
  • JPG
  • TIF
  • BMP
  • PNG  

type for sound 

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • WMA
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difference between date and information

date is the RAW fact and ficuer, which in put in to a sytmes sroted then process by the sytmesm. were as information is date with a context

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what is information

come form the processing of date. 

iformatio is date which have been  



oragised in someway 

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quailty of information

when decsion are being made on the basis of the information.  it is imperative that the informatrion is sound 

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What makes quality information?

  • „Accuracy 
  • „How easy the information is to understand 
  • „Maybe not everyone understands t
  • he way the data has been coded?
  • „Relevance „Up-to-date
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Why keep data up-to-date

date prction act 1998 

acruate predcadtion and frorecasting 

accurate anyalise of date 

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