data, information and knowledge

Data can be:

  • numbers 
  • words
  • images
  • sound

Data is meaningles because they lack relavence

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data vs information

Data has no meaning or relavence where as information is this data but has a context. 

for example:

"65" is just a random number, this is data.

"65 is an age" we are now giving the number a meaning, therefore it becomes information.

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information is data which has been 

  • processed 
  • converted to give it meaning
  • organised in some way
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knowlege is how to interpret and aply information by aplying rules and once this is done, decisions can be made on the infromation recived.

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key words

Data- raw facts or figures whith no meaning or relavence 

information- processed data or data with a context 

knowlege- derived from information by aplying rules to it

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reasons for encoding data

  • coded data takes less efor to type in 
  • more data can be seen on screen 
  • takes up less storage space 
  • easier to check that a code is accurate using validataion checks
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examples of encoding

size of clothes 

  • S = small 
  • M = medium 
  • L = Large 
  • XL = Extra large 

airport codes:

  • LHR = London Heathrow 
  • MAN = Manchester 
  • RHO = Rhodes 
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problems with encoding

encoding data has one main flaw, the data is les accurate when it is encoded. there may also be a problem if there are 2 codes that clash. 

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