Dance Theory - Nutrition and Hydration for a dancer

Nurtition and Hydration

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Nurition and Hydration

As a dancer you'll be expecting a lot from your body. It is really important that you get the proper nourishment you need (this is nourishment). If you are going to perform at your best, you will need energy, strong bones, flexible joints and muscles and lungs that work efficently.

 Energy comes from the food you eat, which is turned into fuel for the body. If you put dirty, low-grade fuel in a car you would not be suprised if it broke down, and the same prinicle applies to your body. A healthy diet is essential if you want your body to work effeicently.

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A healthy diet

Muscles need energy to work. Energy comes from food which is converted to glucose (sugar). To work efficently muscles need plenty of oxygen . Glucose and oxygen are carried to the muscles also need the bloodstream, ad wate products such as carbon dioxide are taken away in the blood

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