Dance = the techincal/physical skills

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Define: muscular power

Important for: performing lifts, higher jumps, performing more challenging movement

Improved by: sits up, press ups, plank

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Define: body's endurance - ability to perform for a long period of time

Important for: perform for a long time, energy levels don't decrease as you perform

Improved by: circuit training, cardiovascular training (running, cross training), doing dances repetitvley 

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Define: range of motion around a joint

Important for: more challenging movements such as splits, tilts, reduces risk of injury

Improved by: lunges, splits, touching toes, hamstring and calf stretches

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Define: able to hold a position with stillness

Important: don't fall over, perform lifts safely, movements are more pleasing to look at

Improve: increasing our strength in particular areas (e.g. thigh and calf muscles), continuous balance

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Define: body's position in space

Important: reduces injury, improves quality of actions, looks more pleasing to movements

Improve: increase core strength (e.g. pilates, sit ups, plank), lengthening the spin, not tilting pelvis

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Define: position of the limbs in relation to other limbs, reduces risk of injury

Important: reduces risk of injury

Improve: yoga, exercises = plies and tendus, exercises = lunges

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Define: fully lengthening and stretching limb

Important: more pleasing to audience, perform movements accurately

Improve: imagery = pulling limbs to stretch them, watch rehearsals on video

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Define: ability to move different body parts at the same time

Important: perform more challenging seuences of movement using different body parts

Improve: breaking down the movements and practising each section or body part separately and together

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Define: performing movements with fludity and stability

Important: perform lifts safely, makes more pleasing, makes performance look smooth

Improve: strength, continous practise of full sequence of movement 

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