DANCE - Still life at the Penguin Cafe

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The Great Auk Section B

Set: Greenary, palm trees, cafe building --> puts penguin in human enviroment, sets era - 1920s feel, links to title of the dance, half animal half human like the painting by Emily young, reallistic - looks like a cafe, separate performance space. 

Lighting: Leafy floor pattern, some dancers highlighted, --> helps create senary, lighting appropiate for section.

Dancers: 16 - 8 men, 8 women

Costumes: Ladies :very traditional long, flowy, very 1920s upper class - all costumes similar apsrt from colour --> sets era, shows class, gender groups,highlighting dancers, dresses flow with movement - ballroom infulenced. Men: Section A

Music: Harp, strings,same as section A --> same as section A

Relation between dance and accomp: direct correlation

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