DANCE - Still life at the Penguin Cafe

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The Great Auk Section A

Start: Jeremy Trons narrating --> explains extinction of the animals, sets the scene

Accompaniment: orchestral, world music

Opening set: Antartica - hostile enviroment; ice burgs, sea, weather --> Geographical location, suggests temp - use of cold colours, helps make dancers stand out, daytime

Lighting: General wash on floor, three spotlights following each of the penguins --> cold, icy, snowy, draws attnetion to dancers. Set and light complement eachother as they are the same colours

Costumes: Black suit, white shirt, yellow socks, mask -->realistic, masks identitfy character, 

Music: Woodwind, piano, strings --> happy, lively, skipping rhythm, 3-4 time, matches mood of the dance, creates dynamic change, penguins appear happy, words in opening scene suggests story.

Action content: Flexed feet characteristics of penguins

Relationship between dance and accomp: Direct correlation 

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