Dance: Still life at the Penguin Cafe

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Southern Cape Zebra

Set: Savana Desert - sunset - purples, reds, pinks, hazy scene (shows heat) with trees, on backdrop  --> Realistic, Geographical location, the different colours of the sunset helps the black and white costume stand out.

Lighting: Low and dim, white stripped lights of floor(downstage), spotlight on zebra --> Zebra theme, makes dancer stand out

Dancers: 1 man(zebra), 8 women

Costumes: Zebra: Tight fitted leotard with black and white stripes, face and neck painted, mohican hair that runs from head to tail --> realistic. Women: Skulls on thir head, black wigs, evening dress - all identical --> look like a heard of animals - group identity --> women represent fashion - not engaging.

Music: Brass/woodwind, fast repetitive sounds, gun shot -- creates climax, geogrphical location, adds mood and atmosphere. 

Action Content: walking, stillness, jumping, balances, twisting and iscolations of the spine, twitching hands

Dynamics: fluid, graceful, bouyant

Use of Space: mainly downstage, linear floor patterns                                   Relationships: no interaction

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