Dance: Still life at the Penguin Cafe

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Skunk flea

Set: Skunk flea hair backdrop --> It is the fleas habitat - the fur of a large animal to suggest the size of the flea - shows scale/size and makes the dancer stand out/draw attention,realistic, shows humour.

Lighting: General wash floor, spotlight --> keeps audience focused on the flea

Dancers: 5 men, 1 women (flea)

Costumes: Flea: Bright (orange) and colourful loatard - like the dance, body segmented (waist,arms and legs), mask and point sheos --> makes legs look longer, adds humour to the dance - antennas bounches as she dances, realistic. Morris dancers: Male dancers wear morris dancing outfits --> shows geographical location - from england, group identity - all dressing the same - matches dance style.

Music: Folk dance style - skipping rhythm, cheerful, lots of skipping, hopping, running, kicks, pointe work. Intruments: Piano, Brass, maracers - energetic pace --> fleas move fast.

Relationship between dance and accomp: Direct Correlation. Relationshipsuniso, couple, following, duo, group

Dynamics: relaxed, bouncy, energetic, strong, some floppy

Use of Space: circular and linear floor patterns, symetry

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