The components that come under the catergory of PHYSICAL SETTING are;
- Set Design
- Lighting
- Costume
- Props
- Venue/ Stage 

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Set Design

The Set Design is the physical appearance of the stage space in which the dancers are performing. It will have a variety of different aspects to it which can help with the overall performace of the routine. The Set Design can help portray the following components;
- Suggest the stimulus/ theme
- Suggest place/ location
- Realism & Gives context
- Give entrances/ exits
- Provide different levels
- Suggests the era
- Oversize: allow a dancer to appear smaller or larger
- Front cloth - enable scene changes behind
- Back cloth - gives location and supports theme
- Support a storyline.

A number of dance works that are performed on a stage (usually a proscenium arch) will use the set design to fit 1 or more of the listed components above.  

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Lighting is the deliberate application of light to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect. Lighting includes use of both artificiallight sources and natural illumination of interiors from daylight. The Lighting can be used for some of the following aspects;
- Support stimulus/ theme
- Create atmosphere
- Add colour
- Highlights dancer/ character
- Outlines the dance space
- Highlights movements 
- Time of day
- Special effects - Overhead channel of lights, mirror ball.

A number of dance works whether performed on a type of stage, or a dance created for camera will use lighting for effect during the performance.  

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A Prop is an object used on stage by dancers for use in the plot of in usually a storyline or in relation to the stimulus of the dance. A prop is used for a variety of other reasons as well, for example; 
- Support stimulus/ theme
- Supports role
- Enables movements
- Creates patterns ( for example, a ribbon)
- Indicates character
- Creates humour
- Symbolism
- Suggests storyline
- Suggest context

A prop can be used in any performance of dance, but is only used if need to portray one of the aspects above. 

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