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Facts about dance music

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What is Waltz?

Waltz is a type of dance music composed in 1790s. They started in Vienna but soon became popular around the world. The easiest way to recognise it is by the time signiture. Waltez are always in 3/4. The underlying bass has a rhythm of Oom Cha Cha.

When waltez first came out, it shocked the culture of the time as a male and female where in close contact.

If you are asked to name a composer it is best to say the Strausses. All thier family all composed Waltez so even if you just put 'Strauss' you are likley to gain a mark. but if you want to be on the safe side put Johann Strasuss as the father and son were both called Johann.

The chords in Waltz were never complex. They lasted for at least bar and sometimes two or four.

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What is Salsa?

Salsa is a type of dance music which formed out of Cuban son and American Big-Band Jazz. The Clave is key to salsa as it holds the main rhythm.

You can recongnise Salsa from the cheery major key and a range of instruments including;

Saxophone, trumpets, bongos, piano, guitar, maracas and a guiro.

The typical structure of Salsa is Intro, Verse, Break, Monutuno, Mambo, Montuno then Ending.

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What is Tango?

Tango is a type of dance music originating from all around the world. It took infulences from around the world. But mainly Europe and Africa.

A typical rhythm on  usedin Tango is the Habanera. It uses the Tonic and Dominant to make it up. Most of the main tune is usually syncopated.

Tango used to be played in bars and brothels but now-a-days it is played in concert halls.

It is usually played in a minor key and started in the 1850's

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Irsh Jig or Reel

What is Irish jig/reel?

Irish Jigs are in either 6/8 or 9/8. They sound cheery and easy to dance to. They are usually danced in lines in a large group at celebrations. Sometimes though they are danced as performances.

Reels however tend to be in 4/4. Both have a steady pulse which makes it easy to dance to.

It usually has a happy feel to it so you will want ot dance to it so you will recongnise it.

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