Cyclone Nargis - Myanmar 2008

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Development and Tracking

  • April 27th - An area of intense low pressure develops in the Bay of Bengal 550km east of Chennai 
  • 29th April - The storm was named Nargis as it became a severe cyclonic storm and appeared to the be heading for Bangladesh and South East India 
  • 30th April - The storm strengthens and veers north toward Myanmar 
  • 2nd May - Nargis reaches its peak intensity just off the southeast coast of Myanmar as a category 4 storm. It had peak winds of 215km/h and a lowest central pressure of 962mb. The Indian Meterological Department issues a last warning before Nargis makes landfall over the Irrawadddy Delta A Nargis moves northeast through the country, it weakens. 
  • 3rd May - as Nargis reaches the Myanmar/Thailand border, it has weakened significiantly, though is still producing winds of 130km/h
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Burma - unknown full extent of damage as the country is so secretive

  • 1.5million people were affected - 138,000 deaths officially
  • US$4billion in damages
  • 450,000 homes destroyed with another 350,000 damaged
  • 75% of hospitals destroyed or severly damaged
  • Diarrhoe, Dysentry and skin infections spread rapidly through survivors
  • 600,000ha of land damaged - 60% of tools lost
  • Storm was met with little resistnace as the irrawaddy delta is at sea level - In Bogaley, SE irrawady, 95% of houses were destroyed and 10,000 died in the storm surge. In Labutta, also in the delta, 50% of houses were destroyed

Sri Lanka

  • 3000 families dissplaced and 35,000 people were affected
  • Widespread flooding and landslides
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  • Refusal of military junta to accept the extent of the damage or allow aid teams into the country to provide aid
  • Aid Agencies were hindered by  destroyed rodas, flooding and fallen trees
  • Supplies were left with highy respected monks to distribute raher than mistrusted governemnt agencies
  • Association of South East Asian Nations intervened to mediate with Burmese authorities and international donors
  • US$50m in aid was donated
  • French and US ships were not allowed to enter the country as they had criticised the Burmese regime
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