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Cycling is a sport where you can be young or old and male or female you can cycle near enough anywhere; back lanes, main roads, downhill, uphill, jumps, and mountain. If you’re in a race you will be encouraged on and the spectators will look after you. The marshals will direct you on where you go. The spectators are all lined in rows of 3 and 4 they are going up the hill and on the mud just waiting to encourage you on.    All you have to do is keep your rhythm the same all the race your adrenalin goes up. The night before I do a race is the worst night of the week cause you have butterflies and a bad stomach also you start getting nervous on your journey to the race then when your there you feel much more better after you’ve signed in and have your number then the race starts. Have you ever had that felling?    

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What i think about cycling

     I think that most people should do cycling because it keeps you fit and I can help you recover from the injuries that you have had in the past. Many rugby players cycle due to injuries and for charities.

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superstars cycle

Martin Johnson says that when he cycled for charity he quoted in the radio times "I loved what I did, but there comes a time when you simply can’t do rugby anymore. Cycling is something I can do until I’m old,” even celebrities cycle for the fun of it.

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quote from leon troksky

a quote from Leon Trotsky that he posted on bicycle quotes “Let a man find himself, in distinction from others, on top of two wheels with a chain -- at least in a poor country like Russia -- and his vanity begins to swell out like his tires”.

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types of bikes

There are a variety of bikes the price range goes from £200-£10,000.There are a range of makes as well for example; bianchi, bmo, Cannondale, charge, cinelli, trex. You got have responsibilities like respect and politeness.

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different parts on a bike

You also need to know what parts are on a bike; inner tube, tyers, wheels, pedals, cassetes and free wheels, chain rings, chain sets and cranks, deraillures and mechs, tubeless, headsets, handlebars, saddles, stems, seat post, bottom brackets, brakes, brake pads, cable, chain devises and bash rings, deraillure hangers, forks, bike frames, shifters, bar ends, handlebar grips tape, rims, hubs, groupsets. You also need to know about the type of tools you need for a bike; chain checker, torx keys, floor pump, mini pump, chain tool, 8-9-10mm comination wrenches, tyre leavers, cable cutter, compact scissors, hex keys, vise whip and cassette locking tool with guide pins and handle, multi tool, four way screwdriver, spoke wrenches, sharpened spoke.

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at the start off the race

The competiveness of a cycling race you got know the rules of a cycling race. You got conserve which means closing that gap, making the break, holding the wheel up that climb, responding to that attack or nailing that bunch sprint. Knowing your competition means, if the strongest five guys of the race decide to attack at the beginning of a 100km race and you know they have people working for them, then there’s a good chance you should make an early move with this group. Know the gap means, if you can see the break, watch for when they pass a landmark and time the gap from when the last rider passes it until the front of the peloton hits it.

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at the end of the race

      Im now at the end of the race where I’m sweating and exhausted and you go up to the race marshal and see what position you are then there is a sigh of relief as you are getting the fluids and sugars in you will better all of a sudden on the way home you will fall asleep and that’s how you know you’ve worked hard enough if you don’t fall asleep you haven’t worked hard enough and you could off done better. Then you look forward to your next race.

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Types of racing?


Types of cycling parts to do with the chain sets and cranks?


What is the price range for all the bikes?


What are the type of bikes?


Why do you need different sized frames?


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1)the type of racing is Hill climb, time trials, road bike racing, cyclo cross, bmx, cycle speedway. 2)The types of bike parts Bottom bracket, brakes, brake levers, cassette, chain, chain set, front mech, rear mech, cables, electronics. 3)The price range of bikes is £150~£20,000 4)There are a lot of bike types and these are some off them Ride bikes, cyclocross bikes, touring bikes, triathlon/ time trial bikes, flat bar road bikes, track fixed gear bike, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cruiser bikes, city bikes, bmx 5) Because you can get more leg power if you’re the right height and less power if you’re not the right height.

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