Curitiba - Sustainable City

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  • located in Brazil
  • population: 1.8 million people
  • from 1968, plan aimed to improve the environment by reducing pollution, waste and improving quality of life of residents
  • city has a budget of $600 million every year
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Public Transport System

  • more than 1.4 million passengers a day
  • the 'express' system reduces boarding and journey times through use of pre-pay boarding stations and bus-only lanes
  • over 200km of bike paths in the city
  • car uuse is 25% lower than national average
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Open Spaces

  • green spaces increased from 0.5m² per person in 1970 to 52m² per person in 1990
    • solution of the parks
  • over 1000 parks and natural areas
    • created in places prone to flooding to prevent serious damage
  • residents planted 1.5 million trees along city streets
  • builders given tax breaks if their building project includes green space
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Disposal of Waste

  • 70% of rubbish recycled
  • paper recycling saves 1200 trees every day
  • residents in poorer areas where streets too narrow for weekly collection given food or bus tickets in exchange for bringing recycling to local collection centres
    • 'green exchange'
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