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Faiths and beliefs

  • the designer is responsible for considering wider implications of a product launch within certain communities
  • there are many potential pitfalls in mixed communities
  • can be more understanding of other views than some, where one faith or belief is followed by the majority
  • Hindu, Sikh and some other faith-based communities may choose to follow a vegetarian diet
  • the new polymer £5 bank note contains tallow, an animal fat-based substance
  • there was a call for the Bank of England to find an alternative way to produce the note
  • some establishments refused to take the notes as payment
  • the Bank of England have not changed the manufacturing process of the note
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Fashion and trends

  • evolution in the development of materials, technology and fashion has driven design trends
  • designers and maufacturers play into people's insecurities by designing and making products that people feel they must have
  • products can fail for a number of reasons
  • one of the easiest mistakes for a company to make is the use of a brand name that means something else in a different country
  • however, some companies happen to get their products right first time and the design actually becomes part of the culture
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Cultural design and colour

  • Japanese culture is to sit on the floor at mealtimes
  • design of tables and chairs in Japan is therefore very different from those in other countries
  • different colours mean different things in different cultures
  • red - means stop and danger in one culture, means wealth, luck and happiness in another
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