Cultural capital

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Cultural Capital

cultural capital

Bourdieu denfines the term as attitudes, values, language and the tastes of the middle class. This culture has a capital like wealth it gives an advantage to whoever possess it. Bernstein noted that middle class children access this capital through socialisation , they aqurie skills like analysing and expressing abtract ideas ;which prepares middle-class for educational success.

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Educational and econmic capital

Educational and econmic capital

Bourdieu argues the educational, econmic and cultural capital can be converted into one or the other.

Econmical capital can be converted into educational success because wealthier parents can send thier children to private school or pay for extra tution. Leech and Campos did a study of Coventry and found middle class parents could afford houses in catchment areas of successful schools. This is known as 'selection by mortgage' because it drives up demand for houses near the successful schools and excludes working-class families.    

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