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Historical Determinants

Young Nation only a couple of hundred years old

'Big 4 Sports'-  Adoption gridiron football from rugby, Baseball from cricket.Invention of basketball.Adoption of ice hockey from Canada.

Marginalization- British sports rejected by the mainstream culture in the USA, they promote their own sports. Competitiveness is the image of the new young society.

Frontierism / pioneering spirit- harsh lifestyle due to threat from the native americans. develpoed a tough charater. Reflected in competivness in sport.

Proffessional sport-more acceptable in the USA. Major professional sports where baseball, boxing and horse racing. Development was aided by the railway system.

Policy of Isolation- they wanted to irradicate the infulence and traditions of UK and europe. This shaped modern US sport.

IV League schools- had the greatest impact in american sport. promoted 'win at all costs' ethic also known as lombardianism ethic.

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Origins of USA Sport

Invention- basketball was created by the USA. Due to how well suited it is to the new world culture. Invented in an american university.

Adaption- american football adaption from rugby. American football was developed in the Ivy league universitys.

Adoption- ice hockey has its orginins in canada. although ice hockey has orgins connected with the militery it remains popular with the university.

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Geographical Determinants

Climate- several climatic zones ranging from snow fall to heat waves.

Urbanisation- areas of genuine wilderness allows for participation outdoors.

Population Density- densly populated states have enabled the 'big 4' sports to develop.

Size- huge contry, aiming high

Transport- Railways, helped with development of proffetionl major leauge baseball. Motorways, used for inter and intra state travel to fixtures.

Topography- the trains vaired from wide plains, desert to beaches, mountan ranges and wilderness.

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Government Policys

Democracy-state based republican

Decentralised- improtant to the USA. Impacts massivly on PE and school sports in the USA. There is no national curriculum.

Limited public funding- used to funf large soirting events. funding is genrraly private.

President- Decentralised system and gives ownership to each store not dircetley involed.

Self ruling state- and has a govener who is in control of this tear.

Mayor- has height postion in local governemnet.

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Commercialisation of Sports

The media- televison become inextrucally linked to sport with comeralism and sponsership.

Buisness cartel- orgonised as th coercial industry and operates as a buinsess cartel for the sole purspoes of profit making.

Comercial Sponsership- Large buinsess support by sponsering and this operation is linked to TV outlet.

Capitalism- ia the economic system that gives wealth and control to the individual. Enables great fincial profit to be made.

Capitalist ecomonily = forutune and fame+ Golden triangle+ comercilistaion of sport+ capitalism

Roone Revoulution= sports+ media+sponsership

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Why is the US so competitive?

Capitalism- economic system that gives wealth and control. Makes the american dream possible

Opportunity- land of opportunity result of capitalaism. Americanism is achevable if your competiev enough.

Frountir spirit- reflected in competivness. Land of oppourtunity changes FS is generated.

Freedom- a result of capitalism any indivual with competive ethic can be successful.

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Social Determinants

Dominent Groups- WASP

Centrality- The key desion making postions in the centre of the pitch

Stacking- The grouping of certain ethic groups into certain postions in sports teams

Cultural plurism- a culture which people if all ethic or cultural backgroups are tolerated and welcomed.


Esteem, they do not see success achivabke in all spors and therefore gravity towards few sports eg basketball

Provision, not always been of the same standards as members of main stream culture

opportunity, constrainst for wthic grous to play full parts in all sports instead of channelling them into more explosive events.

Ethinic Minorites

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