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CUE Squatter Settlements

Favela Bairo Project South east Brazil

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When did it start?


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How many Favelas are in Brazil?


1/5 of the citys population

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How many people is it helping?

230,000 in 73 favelas

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Where did the money come from?

$300 million from local authority and Inter American Development Bank

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3 Social Improvements

Day- Care centres and after school schemes for kids whose parents work

Adult education classes

Services to help drug addiction, domestic abuse and alcohol problems

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2 economic improvements

Residents- can apply to legally own home

Training schemes- Better jobs- Better Pay

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3 Environmental improvements

Replacing wood buildings and moving off slopes

Widening and paving streets- better and bigger access

Providing Basic services

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Community Involvement

Choose own improvements on Favela

Neighbourood associations- communicate with residents

New services staffed by residents

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Is it successful?

Living health improved

Businesses doubled

Property increased by 80-120%

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