Cuban missile crisis

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Why is Cuba a Problem

  • Run by Batista up to 1959 
  • Batista is practically a puppet of America and very disliked by the Cubans.
  • USA is unhappy with Castro taking power.

This is because America fear a communist Cuba for economic reasons (lots of US money invested in Cuba), for military reasons (Communism near USA) and politically (Containment)

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How does the USA react?

  • Castro taken over and removed US business and taken over old US land.
  • USA stop $1bn worth of sugar trade and tobacco trade with Cuba.
  • This causes Cuba to develop links with the USSR
  • Close the embassy

This all pushes Cuba more towards Russia and communism for help.

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What happens because of the bay of pigs

  • Russia sends troops, advisers and nukes to Cuba.
  • The US make it clear they won't tolerate nukes on Cuba
  • The USSR say they won't build any
  • The USSR build nuclear missile silos and SAM sites
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Why send missiles to Cuba

  • JFK was weak after the failed bay of pigs invasion.
  • to defend Castro
  • to use as a bargaining chip
  • Russian missiles are short range
  • In response to nukes in turkey
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USA's reaction to the Cuban missile crisis

  • The US spot the Silos from a U2 spy plane.
  • Kennedy forms a group called Ex-comm to discuss the options
  • Kennedy decides to blockade Cuba as this would not start a war
  • Khrushchev sends a letter to Kennedy about removing the missiles
  • Kennedy agree's and pretends not to have received the letter
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Why use a blockade

  • Avoid war
  • not humiliating for Khrushchev to back down 
  • The blockade bought the US time
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