Crowded Coasts: Bournemouth

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Bournemouth - the place to be

  • Is Dorest's largest city
  • In 1851 it was a village of 695 people, by 2001 it was 163,600
  • It is not growing because of natural increase but because of inward migration
  • Retired people downsize and move there because;
  • Climate - is Dorest's 2nd sunniest destination in the UK
  • Enviromental quality - it is near the UK's first World Heritage Coast (the Jarassic Coast)
  • Accessibilty - many shops and is only two hours from London (on a train!)
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Bournemouth's economic boom

  • In 1999 15,000 worked in banks and finance in Bournemouth in 2003 this was 18,000
  • Footlose industries (those that are not contractually tied to an area) have moved there because;
  • Land is avaliable 
  • The university provides graduates 
  • There is a local airport so can travel to Europe 
  • Wages are lower
  • House prices are cheaper 
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Bournemouth - planning for the future

  • The city is now squeezed between the coast on one side and the rural side on the other, this is called coastal squeeze
  • Usually in an area of coastal squeeze controversy surrounding the fate of the green belts (area of strict planning controls) 
  • The coucil has encouraged removal of existing buildings and to build on brownfield sites (areas of land with derelict and run down buildings and infrasturcture) 
  • Aims to have 99% of new builds on brownfield sites
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