Criticisms of the Second New Deal

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The Roosevelt Recession

  • 1937 - manufacturing output surpassed that of 1929, federal expenditure was immeditaely cut
  • 1938 - 1/5 were out of work, manufacturing output fell by 50%, farm prices fell by 20%
  • With the midterms looming Roosevelt realised he needed to spend more
  • Granted $3.8 billion in relief
  • Midterms - Republicans were slowly creeping up on Roosevelt, doublign their seats and making gains in Senate
  • FDR was increasingly seen as a lame duck
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Impact of the War

  • By 1942 the country was enjoying full employment due a war economy
  • 73% growth in economy during the war
  • USA supplied weapons globally
  • Gross National Product doubled
  • Growth of larger firms
  • Corporate profits rose to $10.5 billion in 1945 from $6billion
  • USA produced masses of military warfare
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  • Number of blacks out of work was x6 higher than whites
  • They were expected to have poorly paid jobs


  • No civil rights legislation
  • Many measures e.g AAA worked against blacks
  • Their jobs were now taken by whites
  • Anti-lynching bills were not supported by Roosevelt
  • First black congressman
  • Many newdeal adminstrators sympathetic e.g Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Fair Emplyment Practices Committee 1940
  • Civil Service tripled number of blacks
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  • More likely to be laid off than men, blamed for male unemployment
  • 75% of schools refused to employ married women


  • Held important posts in Government
  • Economy Act forbade members of the same family from working for federal government and so many lost their jobs
  • NRA codes allowed for unequal wages
  • CCC barred women entirely
  • 90% of jobs filled by men
  • Women earned half the average wage of men
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