Critical Thinking - Introduction to Critical Thinking

A set of cards going through the credibility criteria and exam skills. The questions are on the front and the answers on the back.

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What Are The Credibility Criteria Under Motive?

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Vested Interest to Lie / Distort the Truth,

Vested Interest to Tell the Truth,

Reputation (usually paired with vested interest),


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What Are The Credibility Criteria Under Perception?

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Ability to Observe,

Relevant Expertise.

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What Are The Credibility Criteria Under Visual And Documentary Evidence?

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How do you find the Main Conclusion?

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The key factors in identifying a main conclusion a


  • When therefore is placed between a reason and the suspected MC, it leads on properly and sounds right.
  • It is supported by the majority of the document.
  • It comes at the end of the document.
  • Remember not to include too much information - reasons, argument indicators, evidence etc.
  • If you are unsure as to whether something is included, put it in brackets.



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How Do You Answer Question 2?

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  • Identify the Argument Element.
  • Write the DEFINITION of the argument element.
  • REMEMBER ! You will not get a mark for describing WHY you chose it - all they want is a definition...
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How Do You Answer Question 6?

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  • Identify 2 reasons
  • Check what the main conclusion was.
  • Find a problem with how the reason links with one part of the conclusion - eg. the reason is about people finding it hard to go on a diet and the main conclusion is saying it would be unwise to diet.
  • OR find a link that is strong - eg. diets aren't good for your health therefore it is unwise to go on a diet.
  • In your answer you should clearly quote the part of the reason that you are looking at and also the part of the conclusion that it links to. If you don't do this, you CAN'T GET FULL MARKS. Of course, you must also assess the link.
  • Then repeat for the other reason.
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How Do You Answer The Last Question?

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There are 3 parts to each bullet point:

1. Assess 2 sources/evidence/reasons from one side of the argument.

2. Do the same for the other side.

3. Write a brief judgement.


If credibility, only apply one criterion to all sources.

If plausibility, decide whether the outcome is likely based on 2 of the reasons.

If evidence, pick at details like sample size and age range of participants.


*More points are awarded for spelling, being direct, being clear etc.*

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really REALLY helpful :D got a critical exam tomoz and know nothing... these exam tips will really help :)

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