Critical Quotations: The Rivals

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"The Rivals is the corruption of reasonable attitudes" - Franklin

"Cliches of traditional melodrama turned on their heads" -  O'Toole

"Sheridan criticises ideas by promoting them in a proposterous manner"  - Maybank                            

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"Only self-inflicted caprice in each pair obstructs social harmony" - Maybank

"Elegant comedy of manners" - O'Toole

"The intrigues of love in high society, the importance of status, inheritance and income are all referenced" - Maybank

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"The value of money becomes a salient theme, surpassing love" - Ahmed

"Lydia's books illustrate what she is meant to be - pious - and what she is - sexual and fashionable" - Maybank

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"Lydia mounts a vigorous defence of her right to marry who she pleases" - Maybank

"The play's imagery takes money as its metaphor, connecting it to intangibles such as love and reputation, pointing to tension between human and commercial values" - Maybank

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