crimonological psychology

cards defining crimonological psychology and our understanding of it and its effects on society. explore different types of experiments and social learning theory to explain crime and medias influence upon crime. Furthermore understanding labelling and the self fulfilling prophecy and their effects on crime levels amoung children and adults. Three studies into eye witness testemonies should be analysed throroughly and evaluated in respect of the overall subject of crime.

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key definitions

criminological psychology - the definition and causes of crime and the identification, judgement and treatment of criminals.

crime - any devient act of behaviour which is against written criminal law.Punishment is given to reduce chances of recidivism.

Antisocial behaviour - any behaviour that negatively affects other members of society and the general public.

Recidivism - repeating a crime or anti social behaviour after being treated or punished for that behaviour

token economy - the statement given by someone who has witnessed a crime and gives an account of what they have seen

stereotyping - classifying a whole group of people to share the same characteristics. Can lead to modelling where stereotyped behaviour is imitated.

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