Criminal Liability

Actus Reus, Causation, Coincidence of Actus Reus and Mens Rea, Mens Rea, Transfered Malice, Assault, Battery, Section.47, Section.20, and Section.18 Offences against the person act 1861.

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Actus Reus

= Guilty Act

1. State of Affairs Crimes

2. Action Crimes

3. Crimes of Omission

4. Result Crimes

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1. State of Affairs Crimes

1. Actus Reus is enough to be prosecuted

  • Road Traffic offences
  • Food Hygiene
  • Trade Descriptions
  • Health and Safety
  • Selling alcohol to under 18’s
  • Possession of drugs and offensive weapons
  • Sweet v Parsley - Landlady
  • Gammon v A-G for Hong Kong – collapsed building
  • B v DPP - no mention of MR

Why do have Strict Liability?

Prevent excuses; Save time; Makes the public take more care; Deterrent; Low penalties

Absolute Liability NO DEFENSE R v Larsonneur – Alien

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2. Action Crimes

2. Only need the Actus Reus

E.G. Theft - Stealing a purse

Perjury - Lying under oath

* No Result needs to proven

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3. Crimes of Omission

3. Actus Reus ommmited through Omission

No General Duty - SIX Circumstances

1. Relationship between two people - R v Gibbons and Pocter - Starved a child

2. Contractual duty - R v Pittwood -gate

3. Caused a dangerous situation - R v Miller - fire

4. Misconduct in public office - R v Naughton - police officer

5. Statute says liability is owed - Road Traffic Act 1988

6. volentarily accepted responsiblity for others - R v Stone and Dobinson - sister

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4. Result Crimes

4. End Result must be established - R v White - the end result was not acheived

E.G. Assault; Battery; Section.47; Section.20; Section.18


Factual (BOTH)

  • 'But For Test' - R v White cyanide
  • 'De Minimus test' - pin *****

Legal (ANY)

  • Operating and substantial cause -R v Smith - stabbed, dropped x2, no aid
  • Interviening Act Novus actus interveniens R v Corbett - gutter
  • The Thin Skull Rule - R v Blaue - Jehovah's witness
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Co-incidence of Actus Reus

Def. must have both AR and MR, and they must be at the same time.

R v Taaffe - money/drugs

  • Continuing Act Theory - Fagan v MPC - Foot

If the AR is continuing, then the MR can be formed after

  • Transaction Theory - R v Le Brun - row, dragged, banged

when the def. believed one action killed, when it was another

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Mens Rea

= Guilty mind

1. Intention

2. Cunningham Recklessness

3. Negligence

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Mens Rea - Intention


  • Intented outcome - Rv v White


  • Not desired but inevitable

--- Virtual Certainty Test

Are you virtualy certain that as a result of the def action, death or serious action would occur?

R v Woollin - threw child, didn't realise

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Mens Rea - Cunningham Recklessness

R v Cunningham - Broke Gas Metre

Maliciously=Recklessness=Cunningham Recklessness= foresaw the consequences, but went ahead anyway

Assault - Recklessly put someone in fear of imeadiate force

Battery - Reckless about applying force

Section. 47 - Mens rea for Assault or Battery

Section.20 - Reckless about causing harm

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Transfered Malice

Def means to slap X, but X ducks and D slaps Y instead.

R v Mitchell - post office, manslaughter

Attorney General's Reference - pregnant girlfriend, death of premature baby, in exisistance

R v Pembleton - window

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