Causes of the Crimean War.

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  • Britain most powerful country with largest Empire. This was threatened by Russia in India. If Ottoman Empire fell so would BRs easy route to India
  • Russian Empire expanding hugely and wanted to more under aggressive Tsar Nicholas
  • 'Sick man of Europe' Ottoman Empire was weak as was the Sultan.
  • Mediterranean dominated by France, if O.E collapsed and Russia took over France would lose this.
  • Russia wanted warm water ports
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1. BR and FR wanted keys to Holy City

2. Sultan gave into pressure and gave them

3. MENSHIKOV went to Constaninople for keys to city but with cover of 'protecting Christian subjects' Turks were surpressing revolt in Montenegro and Russia demanded they leave. They didnt.

5. RUS threatened to send troops to MALDAVIA and WALACHIA

6. BR and FR intervene by senging fleet to DARDANELLES to show support

8. Tsar sends troops after Sultan rejected compromise

9. OCT 1853 TURK declares war on RUS

10. APR 1954 having declared war BR anf FR troops arrive in VARNA

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