crime in ICT

physical and logical methods of improving security of computers against ICT crime

physical methods of security

computer theft can include stealing someones USB stick, containing sensitive information. biometric data is used to help with security, scanning eye, finger prints, voice recognition. methods include:

  • locking a computer away and only given certain people access to the room its in
  • making sure the monitor can't be seen by public
  • covering keyboards so people can't see what you're typing
  • putting security cameras and alarms where your computer is kept
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logical mehods of security

any computer based method that can help secure a system such as usernames and passwords.

  • firewalls act as a gateway between the outside world and a computer system. they control what can enter and leave a system
  • encryption- doesn't stop data from being stolen but makes it hard to understand. it uses algorithms to scramble plain text into encrypted text, thieves need a code to unscramble the text
  • auditing can detect hackers. when you log in to a system, you leave a trail of logs which track when you've logged in, what applications you've used and what you do whilst logged in. if the log pattern changes it could mean someone has hacked into the computer
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