Crime in fiction

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In many respects,

-the picture of crime in media fiction is similar to that presented by crime news.

As such, it is very different from the picture given by the official stats, victim studies and self-report studies.


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Media fiction focuses on murder and other violent crimes. Murder was the most frequent offence in crime movies since 1945.

Offenders in crime fiction are mainly middle-aged, middle-class males as opposed to the young, working-class males in official stats and self-report studies.

The police clear-up rate is very different from the picture given by official stats. In crime fiction, the police usually 'get their man'. According to official stats, they usually don't!

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The police--

---tend to be presented in a positive light in crime fiction- as protectning citizens from harm. However, in recent years, there has been increasing criticsm of the CJS- in terms of both its effectiveness and its honesty.

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