Crime and Punishment


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Still a crime today?

Vagrancy-Still a crime today-Different because now, if you are going to a different country without paying or without anyone knowing.

Witch Craft-not a crime.

Poaching-Still a crime today-People do it now ito make a profit, not because they are starving and need to feed there family, it does not make much money nowadays.

Drinking and not attending church-not a crime.

Highway Robbery-Still a crime-Its still a crime but is done now in cars instead of horses usually in traffic lights. Not a very common one any more.

Smuggling-Still a crime-Usually drugs instead of rum and beer.

Riot-Still a crime-A quiet protest if you don't want something to happen is ok. But a big loud riot is still illegal.

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Witch Craft

  • 15-1750
  • wanted to blame people for deseases, the weather all all the bad things that happened.
  • Insucure.
  • People such as; old people, lived on there own, easy to humiliate
  • MATHEW HOPKINS-Witch finder.
  • Scar, Boil, Spot-mark of the devil
  • People with pets-mouse, fly or spider (Witch Familer)
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Singing drinking and celebrating

  • No longer crimes today-baking bread instead of going tochurch, swearing 40 times, druckeness, refusing to obeying your husband despite warnings to constable, Youth fighting in church.
  • Puritians were really strict on what you should do on a sunday.

-Deer poaching now

-Make profit

-Police dont take it as serious

-Fines usually about 5 thosand

-Organised gangs

Doesn't happen any more, people arnt starving and there are benefits and pensions.

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  • POOR POACHERS-colliers, weavers, servents, Poor Farm labourers and poor servents-edge of dieing.
  • Needed food.
  • FUN-wealthy people, handle the consenquences-message across was that landowners were better than everyone.
  • ORGAINISED GROUPS-Trade-alot of money from selling meat.
  • ORGAINISED POACHING-supply food for pubs-people on look out,so wouldnt get caught.
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