Crime and Deviance

Gender crime and deviance revision card

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Gender and crime

·        Studies:

Pollack (1950) argue police and courts treat women more favourably so women able to get away with more.

Heidensohn suggested there are 4 main reasons why males dominate research in crime and deviance:

1. Male dominance of offenders

2. Male domination of sociology 

3. Vicarious identification  

4. Sociological theorising

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·        Biological Explanations:

Definition: Starts from the belief that women are innately different from men. Women have a natural desire to be caring and nurturing.

Dalton (1964) explains that hormonal and menstrual factors can influence women to commit crime certain circumstances.

·        Sex - Role Theory

Definition: Argues women are less likely to commit crime because the core elements of the female role- limit this, such as socialisation.

 Talcott Parsons 1937 argues that as most child rearing is carried out by mothers- girls have a clear role model to follow emphasises caring and support

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