Creativity and Innovation

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The Difference

Creativity- creatings something which not not previously exist

  • All architects, composers and writers are creative

Innovative- different to what was done before (original)

  • Only some will be innovative
  • Innovative work will embrace new ideas, us new techniques, or make new demands on an audience. In arts, it is linked to a new style or form

Creativity- baking a normal cake

Innovative- baking a totally new cake

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20th Century Innovation


  • Picasso (introduction of cubism- the first abstract art style and his modern approach to painting)
  • Warhol (fine art by transferring images into paper using the silk screen process- often used in the mass production of tee shirts and cards


  • Lennon and McCartney (wrote songs in huge variety of styles setting musical styles which are still followed. Introduced "distortion" into a song for the first time
  • Madonna (ability to follow the lastest trends and adapt her style- known for saying she never wants to do the same thing twice. Fashion style involved with her music


  • Lecorbusier ( pioneered 20th century modernism- he used concrete morphed into a style called Brutalism)
  • Venturi (known for being an innovator of post-modern architecture)
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How can art challenge society?

What is the purpose of art?

  • The result of creativity
  • Expression of the Artists' emotions or beliefs
  • Influence people or encourage change
  • Challenge tradition
  • Earn a living

All works of art are produced in specific historical context and in repsonse to certain circumstances so will reflect the age and values when it was produced

Great Renaissance religious portray interpret events of hundreds of years ago, but also incidentally portray life as it was in the 15th or 16th century

Sometimes, the aim of the work was to shock people to propose a need for change

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Examples of art challenging society

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

  • Inspired by his horror at Nazi German bombing during the Spanish Civil War

Blues in America

  • Challenged the values of society
  • Based on songs sung be Africian slaves and has become a popular way to covey human misery
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Examples of art challenging society

Punk in the 1970

  • Emerged deliberatley aiming to shock and express rebellion and discontent
  • An attack on music, but developed in to broader social and political aims

Gateshead's Angel of the North Statue (Anthony Gormley)

  • Acts as a challenge to the areas huge social problems, dereliction and dying traditional industries
  • Made after the closure of the Lower Tyne colliery out of the destroyed remains from the colliery
  • It marks the end of an era of coal mining in Britain and Gromley wanted it to symbolise hope in a period of change
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Examples of art challenging society

18th century painter and engraver William Hogarth

  • Reflection of and challenge to society often through the use of satirical or converstion pieces

Literature- Alan Payton's " Cry the beloved country"

  • Important novel in South Africa's history and describes a country working under "white man's rule"

George Orwell's " Animal Farm"

  • Written as a satire on the Russian revolution
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