Creative writing


What do you have to do for a creative writing ques

  • Explore ideas- be imaginative
  • Entertain your reader- give them something to think about.
  • Plan- gather ideas and organise their order.

When writing a creative piece of writing, always think about these five questions:

1. WHAT have I been asked to write?

2. WHY have I been asked to write? (to show creativity and entertain the reader)

3. WHO am I writing for?

4. WHO am I writing as?

5. WHAT is the topic?

Break down the image to help me write down the ideas.

Write as many adjective as I can including all 5 senses.

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Part 2

my creative pice of writing needs a structure.

Appropiate and ambitious language- 

make it descriptive using adejectives and adverbs.

use powerful nouns and verbs for effect.

use literary features to create imagery and effect.

use interesting ideas to link ideas and link paragraphs.

vary length of sneetences=

this shows control of your writing

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part 3

short sentence- builds suspense

long sentences- gives detail

use a combiantion of simple, compound and complex sentences.

make use of subordinate clauses

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