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  • To see how different types of anxiety (somatic, physical and cognitive anxiety) relate to one another and to self esteem.
  • To see how somatic congnitive anxiety and self confidence relate to sporting performance.
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  • The reseachers brought together the findings or different studies which had used the same questionnaire to look at anxitey and self confidence- this was meta analysis. The data had been gathered in the same way so they could be compared
  • The data from 29 studies were analysed to see how far cognitive anxiety , somatic anxiety and self confidence were rathed both to each other and sporting performance
  • ppts had rated themsevles for both types of anxiety and for self confidence so the scores were self report data
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  • In general it was self confidence that related to sporting performance rather than anxiety
  • Cognitive anxiety related to somatic anxiety. The result of the correlational analysis was r=0.52 ( quite a high postive correlation) as cognitive anxiety rises so does somatic anxiety.
  • Cognitive anxiety related to self confidence and the result was r=0.47 (quite a high negative correlation)- as self confidence rises cognitive anxiety falls
  • Somatic anxiety related to self confidence and the result was r=0.54 (again quite a high negative cprrelation) - as self comfodence rises somatic anxiety falls.
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  • Both types of anxiety semm to be related to self confidence- the more confident a performer the less anxious they are which makes sense.
  • As the 2 types of anxiety are closely related as well, and both have similar negative correlation with self confidence , it seems possible that somatic and cognitive anxiety are not in fact sperate
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Evaluation - Strengths

  • Drew on 29 studies so had lareg amounts of data from the smae quetsionnaire, which is a strength of meta- analysis.
  • The data was collected from the same questionnaire which had been standardised so the data could be reliable.
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Evaluation - Weakneses

  • Perhaps it was not valid to seperate cognitive and somatic anxiety- they seemed to rise together and were also both similarly related to self confidence as if they were the same thing. Perhaps they could not be seperated by using a questionnaire
  • The data was collected for different purposes  and as they are other reserachers data they might not be validally compared
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