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The modern CPU usually contains a number of micro-processors (Multicore).

It is often called the brain of the computer.

The purpous of the CPU is to process data, where all the searching, sorting and calculating and decision making takes place in the computer.

The CPU will issue instructions to other devices depending on the result of the processing. 

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Number of Cores

By having more than one processor, you would certainly see an improved preformance. 

A modern processing device may contain have two, or even four CPUs. Some chip making companies call these 'cores'. So dual-core means it has two CPUs and quad-core means it has four CPUs.

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Clock Speed

Computers can only do one thing at a time. 

A CPU processes digital data by taking data one piece at a time. The amount of time it takes to process anything is decided by a quartz clock.

With every tick of the clock, the CPU is able to process one piece of data or execute one instruction.

The CPU clock speed is measured in cycles, 1 cycle per second is also known as 1 hertz. 

A computer running on 1GHz can carry out a thousand million instructions per second. 

The speed of the clock determines the basic preformance of the CPU. 

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