Courtship Behaviours


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Finding a Mate

In birds, whales and frogs; the male makes some sort of song or call to attract a female mate.

In insects; the female releases pheromones that are detected from several kilometres away by a male.

In deer and some gorillas; they use displays in fights to indicate strength.

In mandrill; the male's brightly coloured face and bum indicate their level of testosterone.

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Mating Behaviours

In most species the male takes no part in birth or care of the young, so there's no reason for him to stick around.

In some species he'll mate with one female each season.

In some mammals e.g lions; the male has a group of females which he stays with but mates with all of them. Group is known as his 'harem'.

Monogamy is the behaviour of mating for life with just one animal and results in successful reproduction. 

The monogamous birds are; swan, raven, penguins and parrots.
The mammals are; gibbons and prairie voles. 

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