Counter Urbanisation

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Positives of Counter Urbanisation

  • some services such as pubs may see an increase in revenue
  • Some buildings are improved improving the asthetic of the area
  • Some scools under threat of closure due to lack of pupils can now stay open
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Negatives of Counter Urbanisation

  • New developments can effect the character of the area
  • rural shops may close as people comute to out of town centers or urban shops
  • Rural roads + infrastructure may not cope with the influx of people
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Managment of Counter Urbanisation

  • new developments must remain in keeping with the character of the area
  • companies offer mobile services such as Barclays banking which visit rural areas
  • low cost housing developments for people who have lived in the area for 3+ years
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Push/Pull factors of Counter Urbanisation


  • To escape noise polution
  • Problems with conjestion
  • better value for money


  • housing is less densly packed
  • more open space to improve quality of life
  • improved communication services mean people can work from home
  • car + rail means people can coute to rural areas
  • less polution
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