COSHH= Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

- Employers make an assesment of risks for work involving exposure to substances which are hazardous. Steps must be taken to prevent or control the exposure of employees and others.

Hazardous substances: adhesives, paints, cleaning agents, fumes, dust and bacteria.

1. ASSESS THE RISKS (assess the risks to health from hazardous substances created).

2. DECIDE WHAT PRECAUTIONS ARE NEEDED (do not carry out work that could expose employees to hazardous substances without first considering the risks).

3. PREVENT OR CONTROL EXPOSURE (prevent employees being exposed to substances or controlled adequately).

4. ENSURE THAT CONTROL MEASURES ARE USED AND MAINTAINED (ensure control measures are used and maintained properly).

5. MONITOR EXPOSURE (monitor the exposure of employees to hazardous substances, if necessary). 

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