Coronary Heart Disease Case Study


Coronary Heart Disease Case Study

Impact measured by both deaths and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), which are an indication of the number of healthy years of life lost. The measures indicate the total burden of disease. Projected 82 million DALYs in 2020.

Lower death rates in populations with short life expectancy - decreasing in many more developed countries due due provention, diagnosis and treatment, and reduced cigarette smoking. Increasing in less developed countries as they become more developed. More than 60% of global burden of CHD is on newly developing countries.

Tobacco/alcohol use, high blood pressure/cholesterol and obesity are major risk factors in MEDCs. Under-developed countires also at risk from undernutrition and communicable diseases.

Could cost a country loss of productivity - family impacts include healthcare costs and time off work

'If only 10% of adults began walking regularly, Americans could save $5.6 billion in costs related to heart disease.' - George W. Bush

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