Corfu 1923

disputes in Corfu in 1923 brought to the League of Nations

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Corfu 1923

  • One of the borders to be sorted out after the war was the boundary between Greece and Albania
  • The Conference of Ambassadors were given the job and an Italian general was to supervise it
  • However in August he was ambushed and killed on the Greek side of the border
  • Mussolini - the Italian leader was furious and blamed Greece for the murder - he demanded that they pay compensation to Italy and kill the murderers
  • However, the Greeks didn't no who killed the general so Mussolini bombarded and occupied the Greek island of Corfu and 15 people were killed
  • Greece appealed to the League and they acted swiftly by condemning Mussolini's actions and suggesting that Greece pay compensation for the death of the Italian general if the killers were found
  • Officially Mussolini accepted the decision but went behind there back to get the Conference of Ambassadors to over rule the League's decision
  • The Greeks had to apologise and pay compensation to Italy and Mussolini withdrew from Corfu boasting of his success
  • Violence had been avoided but Italy had gone behind there back and changed the League's decision so the League was not as powerful as they seemed
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