Core science - Fighting disease - drugs

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Fighting disease using drugs


  • Painkillers reduce symptoms - don't kill it.
  • Antibiotics kill bacteria.
  • Don't destroy viruses.
  • Difficult to develop drugs to destroy viruses without damaging cells.

Bacteria can mutate (changing their DNA) to become resistant to an antibiotic. This creates a resistant strain of bacteria.

Growing Microorganisms in labs

  • grown in petri dish in agar jelly
  • inoculating loop transfers microorganism onto jelly
  • these multiply
  • paper discs contain different types of antibiotics
  • Inoculating loop, work place and petri dish sterilised using bleach or using bunsen burner to kill any microrganisms already on.
  • Lid open slightly so oxygen can pass through for the reaction
  • At school over 25 degrees harmful pathogens grown, industrial faster reaction at high temperatures.
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