Core Mathematics C2

Edexcel AS and A-Level Core Mathematics C2

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Algebra and functions

f(x) is a polynomial and f(p)=0, then x-p is a factor of f(x)

e.g. f(3)=0 than (x-3) is a factor.

f(x) is divided by (ax-b) then the remainder is f(b/a) (2x+1) to (ax-b)

so a=2 b=-1 and the remainder is f(-1/2). 2x+1=0 2x=-1 x=-1/2

Question: x goes into x3 x squared times, then you times x squared by x to get -x3 and times by -4 to get -4xsquared. If you don't have a x term than you just simply place 0xsqaured for example.

 completed division: quotient x^2 + 4x + 9, remainder 30 (

The remainder is 30

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