Core Practical - B8 Photosynthesis


Materials needed

  • a beaker 
  • a filter funnel 
  • plasticine
  • a measuring cylinder (1 or 10 cm3 ) 
  • a 10 cm piece of pondweed 
  • a light source 
  • a metre rule 
  • a stopwatch.
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  • Put your 10 cm piece of pond weed (cut edge at the top) into a beaker of water.
  • Cover the pondweed with an inverted filter funnel – raised off the bottom of the beaker with plasticine.
  • Fill the measuring cylinder with water and gently position.
  • Use the ruler to position the beaker of pondweed 1 metre away from the light source.
  • Start the stopwatch and:
    • a. count and record the number of bubbles released in three minutes
    • b. record the volume of gas produced and collected in the measuring cylinder in the same three minutes.
  • Record your results in a table.
  • Move the light source so that the pondweed beaker is 80 cm away.
  • Refill the measuring cylinder with water and gently position as in the diagram. Repeat the experiment
  • Repeat for distances of 60, 40 and 20 cm
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